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Mentorship Program 2019/20

New in 2019, we are now offering an exclusive mentorship program. This program will only be open to 15 goaltenders. This will be a year-long program with full-time text and phone call support to Eli and staff. We will offer many services throughout the year, but our primary focus will be on game and practice video analysis. You will receive a membership to Double Blue Sports 360 Save Review System, a video review program where five of your games per month, from September to March, will be reviewed and marked for you to quickly and easily access clips of saves, goals against, and puck touches. Eli and staff will go through these clips with you to evaluate your skill level and attack areas of weakness, while continuing to grow your strengths. We will also provide recommendations on which camps to attend, and provide promotions where we see fit. Our staff will make sure that you choose an agent that is the best fit for you and your family. It is too often that we see agencies who do not provide strong goaltending support; we will continue to help and guide you even after you have picked an agent. Recommendations such as which off-ice trainer to work with, how much to train in the off-season, and other career advice, like pushing through adversity, preparing for games and tryouts, and setting and achieving personal goals will also be a focus. This program will guide you through your year, keep you focussed on improving your game, and help you become the goaltender you always dreamt of being. Don’t miss out.

  • 1 year program
  • 15 goaltenders max
  • 12 games total on double blue (video analysis)
  • Full-time text and call support with Eli 
  • Recommendations on which camps to attend
  • Try-out preparation advice 
  • Advice to push through adversity
  • Skill evaluation, attacking areas of weakness and continuing to grow strengths
  • Pregame visualizations (Pete Fry)
  • Goal setting and planning 
  • Guidance for goaltenders and their parents 
  • Goaltender specific fitness program recommendations
  • Career advice and promotions where seen fit
  • Deciding on an agency

Optional: Add Cancellation Insurance for the unexpected. + $100

Sold out

Add Cancellation Insurance to your camp. Because of the nature of these camps and preparation involved, no refunds are provided for any reason without this cancellation insurance. In the event of an injury or other change of plans, Eli Wilson Goaltending will provide a full refund up to 2 weeks prior to the start of the camp. This gives attendees a litte more comfort when purchasing a camp that occurs several months in the future.

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